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The seamless stainless steel tube price break shock mode

After entering may, seamless stainless steel tube to narrow amplitude shock mainly, fluctuation range is limited.The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, inventory continues to decline, merchants are willing to save and support prices;On the other hand, seamless stainless steel tube demand release less than expected, the transaction difficult to follow up.But since the middle of the seamless stainless steel tube prices have broken the mode of shock, weak tendency to appear.Whether the end of the month began to decline, and listen to the author analysis.

Seamless stainless steel tube inventory, according to statistics, to the second week of may, seamless stainless steel tube social inventory fell for the sixth consecutive week.It can be seen that the inventory decline has narrowed, and compared with the previous year, seamless stainless steel pipe inventory is still high, and the market supply and demand pressure is still in the late stage.
On the supply side, China's crude steel production hit a new high in April, according to the national bureau of statistics.The increase in supply is another factor holding down the price of seamless stainless steel tubes.

Raw materials, billet straight hair to clinch a deal, trading show cold and cheerless, seamless stainless steel pipe prices generally downward, clinch a deal the poor performance of the whole after, futures low, market operation show wait-and-see mood, combined with the off-season effect, the downstream demand is limited.Hold more to be mined psychology, short - term billet price weak collation.

In terms of macro-infrastructure, infrastructure investment, as widely expected by the market, is declining and constrained by capital. It is expected that the annual growth rate of infrastructure investment will still decline.But according to the latest policy, there will be a change in the pace of demand for steel in infrastructure.Real estate investment grew by more than 10% in the first four months of this year, but the real investment growth rate, excluding land purchase fee, has been negative due to the false and fat factor of land purchase fee delay.The most critical factor affecting real estate investment is the source of funds, and the growth rate of real estate development funds continues to decline to 2.1%.

On the whole, many factors are mixed, and the rainy season is approaching in southern China, further restraining the demand for seamless stainless steel pipe, the market is not optimistic.But analysts at zheheng steel believe the low inventory support, seamless stainless steel tube market is not strong, so the shock is expected to be weak at the end of may.It is suggested that the merchants should be careful to operate low and high.




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