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304 stainless steel tube market or difficult to break the ups and downs dilemma

Since the beginning of may, the market has been empty and the 304 stainless steel pipe has been continuously shaken.From the perspective of analysis, on the one hand, the market terminal demand is recovering gradually. There is demand at the bottom of the 304 stainless steel pipe market.On the other hand, traders are cautious and not optimistic, high enthusiasm for goods, so 304 stainless steel pipe price upward pressure is relatively large.Market game, 304 stainless steel tube price shock.At present this kind of shock situation is still continuing, exactly when the inflection point, into a new wave of market, for you to analyze.

Supply and demand fundamentals: inventory pressure gradually increased 304 stainless steel pipe demand slow follow-up

It is understood that at present, the start of 304 stainless steel pipe enterprises mostly maintain normal, operating rate maintained high.The recent slowdown in shipments and other constraints, corporate inventories have also increased.The increase in inventory pressure will depress the price of 304 stainless steel tubes.At the same time, the demand side, based on the cautious mentality of merchants, is not highly motivated to take goods. In addition, the terminal purchases as required, so the demand follow-up is general.In summary, from the supply and demand of 304 stainless steel tubes, the overall trend of the late period is gradually weakening.

Raw material cost: the relatively tight cost of billet resources supports the price of 304 stainless steel tubes

According to zheheng steel, the jiangsu steel mills have not resume production, steel billet resources overall supply tight, adds downstream enterprise work enthusiasm high, is demand for steel billet, billet's price will therefore stronger.Therefore, in the short term, from the point of view of raw materials, basic raw materials enterprises are not willing to reduce prices and sell goods, so the cost of 304 stainless steel tube prices still have some support.
Futures: futures continue to oscillate, testing the support level

Futures continue to fluctuate, short - term 20 - day average is expected to continue after the main weakness, short - term bearish thinking treatment, futures trend still has a certain degree of inhibition to the market.

Taken together, the raw material in the short term prices will strong, combined with the sco summit in Qingdao have a series of effect, so the 304 stainless steel pipe market remained, but there is also a surface pressure of supply and demand, therefore short-term 304 stainless steel pipe market or difficult to break and the pattern of the dilemma, continue to maintain oscillation is given priority to, at this time or will continue until early June.After that, do not rule out a falling market, but the specific still depends on the raw materials and futures trend.




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