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Domestic stainless steel tube prices have risen by shock

Since late march, domestic stainless steel tube prices have risen by shock.In the last two months, the main reason why the price of stainless steel tube fluctuates upward is the increase of domestic consumption demand, and the macro data released is better than expected.


Statistics show that real estate investment is also in better shape than previously expected.In the first four months of this year, both the nation's electricity generation and the whole society's electricity consumption maintained a rapid growth trend, which was higher than the same period last year.During the same period, China's imports and exports of goods also increased.All of these reflect a better demand for stainless steel pipes.


It is expected that the above positive factors will continue to exist in the coming months, especially domestic consumption is gradually entering a good situation, its traditional peak season stainless steel tube demand will continue to the end of the third quarter.What's more, the recent joint statement on trade and economic consultation between China and the United States has reached a consensus not to launch a trade war and stop imposing tariffs on each other, which will help reduce external demand pressure this year.Along with the rise of China, of course, some countries trade friction against China will not go away, to continue in a variety of forms, but it is everything, later this year, not yet constitute a big problem in the third quarter.Influenced by this factor, while China's steel exports directly in the course of the year is still not optimistic, but its indirect export, which is mainly composed of mechanical and electrical products export by a stainless steel pipe exports indirectly, better than previously expected.


It is worth noting that the international oil price has been continuously rising for some time, mainly reflecting the huge changes in the global oil and gas supply pattern and geopolitics.The us, for example, has become the world's leading producer of oil and gas, while China has become the world's largest importer of oil and gas, and the us sees China as its biggest strategic competitor.Therefore, the price of oil and gas in the international market will remain high for some time to come.The continuous rise in international oil and gas prices will undoubtedly increase the production and logistics costs of stainless steel pipes, iron ore and other smelting materials, forming a new stimulus factor to support the rise in the price of stainless steel pipes.


In conclusion, the price of stainless steel tubes in China will rise in the second and third quarters.Of course, as the price of stainless steel tube continues to rise, the enthusiasm of enterprises to increase production will also increase.China's crude steel production hit a record high in April, according to the national bureau of statistics.It is the existence of this number one huge pressure that makes the price of stainless steel tube increase in the future limited, and does not rule out the possibility of shock down, wide amplitude shock.




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