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What conditions should an excellent stainless steel pipe manufacturer have?

What conditions should an excellent stainless steel pipe manufacturer have? The author believes that stainless steel pipe manufacturers have the following conditions: First, the first thing is to understand the scale of the company. The straightforward point is that it is best to go directly to the factory to see the area of ​​the factory. Years, production scale, number of employees. Then look at the company's registered capital, production qualifications, production qualifications include many documents, but the most important is the ISO quality system certification and China's special equipment license. Basically, these two qualified companies are already in the medium-sized and above.


Second: the company's services: when the customer purchases, the comparison price is the most common, and it is also a normal behavior. The quality of a quality stainless steel pipe manufacturer must also be very well trained. There are some manufacturers' sales people who have not cooperated with him because of several quotations, and they are no longer quoted. Let manufacturers take some manufacturers' equipment and products to learn more about the manufacturers. There are many products on the market. Maybe you have heard the offer of some low-priced manufacturers, but in fact they are using the price to cover up the disadvantages of their products. . Summary: finalize the price and manufacturers; through the above trilogy, combined with our own needs, you can find a brand that meets your needs, and finally finalize the price and contract, find stainless steel pipe manufacturers for production

Third: After the completion of production: whether to provide a formal material report, quality assurance letter. Of course, some stainless steel pipes with special requirements should also show proof pictures of the flaw detection, ultrasonic inspection reports, etc.


Our company is a professional stainless steel pipe manufacturer. The company has a registered capital of 20 million, has China's special equipment production license, iso quality system certification, and has more than 100 employees. The company is located in Songyang Industrial Park, Lishui. The park has beautiful environment, convenient transportation and superior geographical position. After years of operation, the company has established a sales network and customer clusters throughout the country. The company has more than 2,000 tons of steel pipe stocks all year round, complete specifications! The company is mainly engaged in the processing, production and sales of 304 stainless steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and other products. The products are of high quality and complete specifications. The company's business philosophy: the same product than the quality, the same quality than the price, the same price than the service, the same service than the credibility. We firmly believe that: quality is the cornerstone of credibility, quality is the life of the enterprise! Products are people, quality is to respect themselves. Corporate culture: rigor, innovation, integrity, and synergy.




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