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The stainless steel pipe manufacturer's research on stainless steel process

Talking about the stainless steel pipe manufacturers' research on stainless steel technology. The study found that 409L ferritic stainless steel is suitable for manual tungsten argon arc welding, and can replace austenitic stainless steel materials in some products, thereby reducing product cost. The researchers used stainless steel fibers (6 μm, 12 μm and 22 μm in diameter) to prepare porous materials with different porosity and thickness, and studied the effects of porosity, wire diameter, thickness and depth of the cavity on the sound absorption performance. It was found that the average sound absorption coefficient increased with the increase of porosity, thickness and wire diameter, and the sound absorption performance also increased. In addition, the study also found that increasing the depth of the cavity can promote the improvement of low-frequency sound absorption performance, while the absorption valley appears.


Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant metal material that is often preferred as a water hydraulic component. It has been found that improving the critical friction of water hydraulic components can improve the wear resistance of stainless steel. In the QPQ surface strengthening modification, solid solution aging and other treatment conditions, the electrochemical corrosion test of 17-4PH precipitation hardened stainless steel samples was carried out by constant potential anodic polarization method. At the same time, the different treatment processes such as solution aging and QPQ surface strengthening modification were compared, and the effects of different corrosive media of fresh water and seawater on the electrochemical corrosion performance of 17-4PH precipitation hardening stainless steel were compared. It was found that the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel treated by QPQ was reduced by 100 times. 




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