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The methods of seamless steel pipe manufacturing 

Seamless steel pipe manufacturing is creating into a pipe by stretching the hot steel billet out into a seamless pipe or forcing the edges of flat steel strip together and sealing them with a weld. There are following various methods of a seamless steel pipe supplier manufacturing process:


Mandrel Mill Process
Mandrel Mill Process is used a solid round steel billet. The billet is charged into a rotary hearth furnace. After the billet is discharged from the rotary hearth furnace, a small hole is punched into its end. This indentation acts as a starting point to aid in the rotary piercing.


Mannerism Plug Mill Process 
Mannerism Plug Mill Process is somewhat similar to Mandrel Mill Process with a major difference in rolling plug mill in place of a mandrel mill. a pair of conical shaped rolls – one arranged above the other – operates in the opposite direction to the material flow.


Extrusion Process
Extrusion is a metal forming process in which a work piece usually a round billet is forced to flow through a die of a smaller cross-sectional area, thus forming the work to the new cross-section.


Stainless steel seamless pipe

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