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Price request of stainless steel pipe from USA

Recently, we got some price request of stainless steel pipe from USA clients. Below are the details: 


1. Hello, I`m looking for stainless steel precision pipes. SS316 OD=8mm; wall thickness= 1,3...1,4mm but i need the straigthness over ~150mm to be under 0,05mm. Could you supply us with this material and what would be the price for a test batch of 2-3meters (cut into pieces of 1meter)? Thanks


2. I need a price on the following Stainless Steel 316 pipe 
6-18"dia sch80x48'-0" 
16-16"dia sch80x48'-0" 
12-14"dia sch80x48'-0" 
8-6"dia sch80x48'-0" 
Shipped to Tampa, Florida USA


3. I need to send a list of GR2507 SCH 40 PIPES , TEE,BENDS , ELBOWS inquiry to quote me


4. Hello, We are looking for stainless steel pipes diameter 38,1 ( wall thickness 1,2, 1,35 1,5) Diametr 16,0 ( wall thickness 1,0 1,1 1,5 ) Thanks


stainless seamless steel pipe


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