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Our company stainless steel solution treatment furnace was put into use

As the key technological transformation project of zheheng steel in 2012, the 20-meter gas-fired stainless steel automatic solution treatment furnace was officially put into use on March 2nd. The solid solution furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle operation furnace, and the annealing furnace adopts PID. A zero-trigger temperature control regulator adjusts the power and temperature in the furnace and is equipped with an over-temperature alarm.


The solid solution furnace is 20 meters long and adopts the continuous bottom of the stick structure, including the feeding table, the roller bottom furnace, the discharging table and the transmission system, and several lateral directions are respectively arranged in the feeding table, the discharging table and the roller bottom furnace. Moving forward continuously, the workpiece is evenly heated, no bumps, and small deformation. At the same time, since the inner roller of the furnace is always rotated in the furnace of the roller bottom, the heat energy loss is relatively small, the heat efficiency in the furnace is high, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is improved. A number of internal control temperature control devices are installed in the furnace to improve the measurement accuracy of the workpiece temperature in the furnace, improve the temperature control accuracy, and reduce the energy consumption. In the use of fuel, the elimination of the traditional fuel, coal, and the use of cleaner and more environmentally friendly gas have promoted the company's efforts to optimize energy structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, and provide new impetus for sustainable development. Zheheng steel will take this opportunity to develop steadily and provide customers with more high-quality stainless steel products.




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