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Export Saudi the SCH 5s thin-walled stainless steel seamless pipes

Name: Stainless steel seamless pipe
Material: TP316L

Standard: ASTM A312

Process: cold drawing

Embryo: Huaxin Lihua

Delivery status: solution treatment

Specification: 114.3mm × 2.11mm × 6000mm

Manufacturer: zheheng steel

The difficulty in the production and processing of stainless steel seamless pipes of this type is low in the rate of folding, easy to deform during heat treatment, and it is easy to break due to the thin wall thickness during the cold drawing process. It is difficult for manufacturers to produce by cold drawing process. However, the cold rolling (three-roll finishing) process can also be selected. The tolerance of the manufactured steel pipe is higher than that of the cold drawing process, but the finished stainless steel pipe is only suitable for the surface quality requirements of food and pharmaceutical equipment, and the pipe is not required for pressure in the high pipe, but the finishing rolling. The processing cost is high, the grain size grade and the mechanical properties are superior to the cold drawing process, and it is not suitable for pressure pipes such as marine pipes. Our company has been able to manufacture SCH 5s thin-walled stainless steel seamless pipes with long-term cold drawing test, and the delivery status is soft.





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