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How to plan and invest in the stainless steel market with purpose?

Then we need to understand the good development opportunities for stainless steel pipes. From what aspects can we study and have a purposeful and planned investment and planning for the stainless steel market?


1: Stainless steel pipe fittings application

2: Stainless steel pipe fittings product features

3: Performance comparison between common pipes

4: Application range of stainless steel pipe fittings

5: Purchase channel


The stainless steel water tank is a new generation of water tank products after the FRP water tank. Its products are made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is beautifully molded, economical and practical, and the main body Actually, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, clean water, anti-seepage, anti-vibration, never moss, no Secondary pollution of water quality, easy installation, no maintenance, easy Cleaning and many other advantages.



1. Stainless steel water tank is generally made of SUS304 stainless steel sheet, which has stable physical and chemical properties, no pollution to water quality, and ensures clean and hygienic water quality;

2, stainless steel water tank stamping and forming, high strength, light weight, neat appearance, beautiful and elegant;

3, the water tank board generally uses high nickel 8.0 or more 3042B board, the surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean;

4. Due to the dense oxide layer on the surface, the corrosion resistance is superior and the sealing performance is good;

5. High impact resistance and strong seismic performance;

6, compared with other types of water tanks.



Stainless steel water tank must pay attention to the details of the installation

1: Two 100m3 stainless steel water tanks are installed in the basement pump room, and a 600m3 stainless steel water tank is installed in the fire pump room. The channel foundation of the water tank is made of 10# hot-dip galvanizing, indicating that it should be flat. The spacer spacing should be even.


2: In order to ensure the quality of the installation, we must first select qualified suppliers with corresponding qualifications, put forward relevant design and technical requirements for suppliers, and check whether the semi-finished products entering the site meet the design requirements, product warranty Data, material certificates, The health quarantine certificate and other information should be complete and should meet the sanitary standards for drinking water.


3: The water tank foundation should be handed over to the civil engineering for inspection and acceptance, and the basic elevation, axis, size and strength should be inspected and should meet the requirements of the drawings. The opening position of the water tank should be Nearly matched to the pipe installation.


4: The weld seam at the joint of the water tank should be tight, and the weld should be treated as specified. The reinforcement files in the box should meet the requirements, and the welding should be firm to the defense and burst when full.


5: The water tank and channel steel base are made of two different materials and should be separated by rubber asbestos board. After the tank is welded, it should be rinsed and disinfected. Then, a full water test was performed, and no leakage was Observed after 24 hours.


6: When assembling the water tank, it is forbidden to remove the protective paper. The interface should be aligned. There should be no unevenness. It is strictly forbidden to use a hammer on the stainless steel plate. A rubber hammer should be used.


7: After the water tank is installed, it should be reported to the construction or supervision unit for acceptance before it can be delivered.




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