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Why the use of stainless steel pipes in industry is the largest?

What is industry? Industry refers to the work and process of collecting raw materials and processing them into products. Industry is the product of the development of social division of labor, after several stages of development of handicraft industry, machine industry, and modern industry.


Industry is an important part of the secondary industry and is divided into two categories: light industry and heavy industry. In 2014, China's industrial production value reached 4 trillion US dollars, surpassing the United States to become the world's number one industrial producer.


The division of light and heavy industry by the National Bureau of Statistics is close to the latter standard. The definition of heavy industry in the China Statistical Yearbook is: the industry that provides the main means of production of material and technological foundations for all sectors of the national economy. Light industry is: the industry that mainly provides consumer goods and hand tools. In the study, as mentioned above, heavy industry and chemical industry are often referred to as heavy chemical industry.


In the industry, the proportion of stainless steel pipe is relatively large. As a new generation of energy-saving energy stainless steel pipe has emerged, its easy processing, easy transportation and easy installation have become an indispensable member of the stainless steel industry. Since it can adapt to people's needs, it must have its own advantages, otherwise it has been "eliminated" by other products: stainless steel tubes have excellent mechanical properties and superior wear resistance.


Moreover, stainless steel scrap has great economic value; stainless steel material is safe and non-toxic, free of corrosion and exudation, no odor or turbidity, will not cause secondary pollution to water quality, keep water quality pure and hygienic, and ensure complete safety and safety; It can help to improve the grade of urban buildings, can be installed, can also be concealed, can also be buried; can be used for municipal water supply pipe network, direct drinking water, hot water transportation, medium and high-grade building water supply, heating hot water Pipes, steam pipes and outdoor high-speed, urban fire water supply, pump rooms and other places in severe cold areas; the high strength of stainless steel water pipes greatly reduces the possibility of water leakage caused by external forces, significantly reducing the leakage rate of water, so that Water resources are effectively protected and utilized. They are used in a wide range of applications and are also very long-lived, basically as long as a one-time investment benefits for the rest of their lives.




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