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Simply analyze why the price of stainless steel welded pipes is so low?

China's stainless steel welded pipes started in the 1980s and reached their peak in the mid-1990s. After more than ten years of development, the production technology of stainless steel pipes has become increasingly mature. Up to now, there are more than 500 large and small manufacturers, which are mainly distributed in China's coastal areas such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei and Guangdong.


Speaking of china stainless steel welded pipe, the first thing that people can think of is its price. Yes, stainless steel pipe welded pipe is relative to the process of stainless steel seamless pipe. Many customers choose stainless steel welded pipe mainly because its environment requirements are not High, the pressure on the internal medium of the steel pipe is not high. It is undoubtedly the first choice to choose stainless steel welded pipe on the basis of economy. Generally, the price of stainless steel welded pipe is at least 300 US dollars lower than the price of stainless steel seamless pipe. Ton. However, the quality of stainless steel welded pipes also has a large gap. Although the current process is very mature, most sizes are automatically welded. Since the customer has been pursuing the lowest price, and the manufacturer has tried his best to reduce the cost for the order, the original process has been reduced and reduced. The figure below shows the finished product after direct processing of the steel plate.



Usually, after the completion of production, the stainless steel welded pipe is subjected to the processes of pickling, annealing, sand blasting, jetting, packaging, etc. Due to the low sales price of the product, the steel pipe is not processed after the production to this step, and the direct delivery is carried out. Although many production processes have not been completed, the feedback from the users has little effect on the actual use effect, which has led most middle and low manufacturers and customers to accept this reality.


The figure below shows the effect of the product after pickling and annealing. From the naked eye, we can only distinguish the cleanness of the surface of the steel pipe. The specific mechanical properties are still to be completed by equipment inspection.



The following is the demand of an Egyptian customer. After making the quotation, the customer still feels that the price is high. It is necessary to know that the manufacturer can no longer lower the requirements, otherwise it will affect the quality of its use. In a responsible manner, our company will not compromise on quality. I also hope to understand.


SL    No Description size " thickness Psc USD/KGS
1     304 WELDED PIPE  1/2 SCH 10 200     US$2.81
2      3/4 SCH 10 100     US$2.65
3     1     SCH 10 300     US$2.39
4     1 1/4 SCH 10 50     US$2.37
5     1 1/2 SCH 10 100     US$2.37
6     2     SCH 10 250     US$2.37
7     3     SCH 10 200     US$2.37
8     4     SCH 10 50     US$2.37
9     5     SCH 10 30     US$2.37
10     6     SCH 10 50     US$2.37
11     8     SCH 10 30     US$2.37
12     10     SCH 10 10     US$2.39
13     12     SCH 10 5     US$2.39
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