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Why use coiled tubing?

Coiled tubing is used in various applications across industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, and even in some medical procedures. Here are some reasons why coiled tubing is preferred:


Cost-effectiveness: Coiled tubing operations often require fewer personnel and equipment compared to traditional methods, leading to cost savings.


Versatility: Coiled tubing can be deployed in various well interventions such as cleanouts, acidizing, and hydraulic fracturing. Its flexibility allows it to navigate complex wellbores easily.


Time Efficiency: Since coiled tubing operations can be performed continuously without the need for multiple trips in and out of the well, they are generally faster than conventional methods, reducing downtime.


coiled tubing


Safety: Coiled tubing operations can be remotely controlled, reducing the need for personnel to be in close proximity to potentially hazardous areas, enhancing safety.


Minimal Environmental Impact: Coiled tubing operations often require smaller surface footprint and generate less waste compared to traditional methods, making them more environmentally friendly.


Extended Reach: Coiled tubing can reach greater depths and distances within a wellbore due to its continuous length and ability to navigate through tight turns and complex trajectories.


Real-time Monitoring: Advanced coiled tubing units are equipped with sensors and monitoring systems that provide real-time data on well conditions, allowing for better decision-making during operations.


Overall, coiled tubing offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and safer alternative to conventional methods for various well intervention and other industrial applications.

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