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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers' views on short-term stainless steel trace elements

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers perception of short-term stainless steel trace elements: It is well known that the rise and fall of nickel elements has a great influence on the price of stainless steel pipes. The raw material market seems to be on the surface of nickel prices. At the crossroads, in reality, the situation of the various classes in the future is not the opposite. Everyone knows that the relationship between supply and demand is the key to determining the market price trend. First of all, from the perspective of supply, the ferrochrome market, although the recent cost of environmental protection and price declines, Shanxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Sichuan have a partial ferrochrome factory resumed, but now look at the market The supply impact is not large. Moreover, the influence of Cr on the price of stainless steel pipes is very weak. 


The current high-chromium production in the main producing areas of Inner Mongolia, which accounts for more than 50% of the total international ferrochrome production, has not declined. A few factories are still in normal consumption and their output is still high. As a result, under the relatively abundant supply conditions, the high chromium price decline momentum is lacking. However, from the supply side of ferronickel, according to statistics, the international ferronickel production in September only increased by more than 10,000 tons, while the export volume has reduced expectations. Under the premise that the new capacity is put into production, the supply of ferronickel will be short-term. Still tight. Although the nickel price has caused a big impact on the high-nickel iron market, the price has not dropped significantly, and the supply is too small. It is constantly supporting the weak condition of the ferronickel market. In the early stage, once the nickel price rebounded, the ferronickel Opportunity to play a beautiful turnaround.

Let's talk about ferromolybdenum, although it is a small species, but because of its high value, and the level of environmental impact, there is a wind and grass, it will trigger the rapid turbulence of the ferromolybdenum market, and the price of stainless steel. From the recent market supply, the tension pattern of ferromolybdenum supply has been greatly improved, and the market has even shown a slight decline, but the market supply has not yet reached a sufficient level, and most of the main production areas of ferromolybdenum are scattered in Liaoning, Henan, Hebei, etc. Southern region. At present, the autumn and summer seasons will come, and the environmental protection in the south will gradually tighten. The main production areas of ferromolybdenum can be reduced or stopped at any time. Therefore, it is difficult to form a large decline in the ferromolybdenum market in the short term. If environmental protection is tightened or international molybdenum raw materials fall, The international ferromolybdenum market will respond quickly. According to the analysis of downstream demand, statistics show that international stainless steel production has consistently maintained at a high level of 2.1 million tons per month since the beginning of August. Although the price of stainless steel has not risen sharply, it still works well when the price of nickel falls, market estimates. In the short term, the demand for raw materials in stainless steel plants is relatively volatile, and the price of raw materials is relatively strong.

In the short term, due to the Sino-US trade war, the demand for stainless steel exports will shrink sharply, and the demand for stainless steel pipes will also decrease accordingly. The market's forward momentum is insufficient, and the traders' quotations are mostly temporary and stable. The cold-rolled resources in the two places are also a support point for the market. Overnight, the nickel has a large decline. Today, the market is expected to be difficult to pass through. The weaker operation may be more likely to cause a higher price of nickel, which will have a certain impact on the price of stainless steel pipes.

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