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Stainless steel pipe decarburization process

Stainless steel pipe decarburization process:

1,By increasing the oxygen blowing flow rate, reducing the pressure and the oxygen lance height, the decarburization rate in the high carbon zone can be increased and the smelting time can be shortened.


2,Under the condition of vacuum less than 70Pa, the agitation intensity of the low carbon zone has a great influence on the end carbon content. Increasing the argon flow rate can obtain a lower carbon content, and prolonging the decarburization time can obtain a lower carbon content.


3,The carbon mass fraction of the end point of VOD smelting ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel pipe should be controlled below 100×10-6.

Aiming at the characteristics of stainless steel pipe smelting, the effects of VOD refining process parameters on the decarburization rate and end carbon content of ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel pipes were studied by decarburization thermodynamics and kinetic analysis, and a large number of industrial production tests were carried out. The conclusion of the test results is:

The smelting temperature has a great influence on the decarburization of VOD. The higher the temperature, the better the decarburization. However, due to the limitation of refractory materials, the initial temperature is controlled at 1600~1620 °C.

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