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Recently, stainless steel pipe manufacturers are facing greater pressure

Recently, stainless steel pipe manufacturers are facing greater pressure. Since last year, strict environmental protection has been heard, and this year, the environmental protection banner has been flying. Under the banner of “Blue Sky Defence War”, various localities have introduced environmental protection measures, among which the stainless steel pipe industry has become the main area for controlling emissions.


Stainless steel pipe manufacturers in Lishui, Wenzhou and Fujian have continuously updated their environmental protection equipment and invested heavily in improving the pickling tank. In order to achieve the purpose of smooth production of the factory. In early July this year, the Tangshan Municipal Government issued the “Tangshan Iron and Steel, Coking Super Low Emissions and Coal-fired Power Plant Deep Reduction Implementation Plan”. Within a month, Tangshan government units issued policies to limit production to 12 times. Even so, the national crude steel and stainless steel pipe production still grows at a relatively large rate, and continues to hit new highs. Why is the national crude steel and stainless steel pipe production increasing continuously? Of course, consumer demand is pulling. Because in the market economy conditions, there will be production if there is demand. Only in the case of smooth sales and profitability, stainless steel pipe companies have the incentive to continue to increase production. Otherwise, waiting for the company can only be a large backlog of products, and eventually bankruptcy.

The way out for stainless steel pipe manufacturers is to enter consumption; the rest enters inventory, which is reflected in the corresponding increase in social inventory and stainless steel pipe enterprise inventory. From the frequency of the recent environmental protection policies and the pollution control measures adopted in some areas, the environmental protection efforts are constantly increasing. The stainless steel pipe market pays more attention to the autumn and winter production restrictions, and the supply level is the high profit drive and environmental protection limit. The game. In the long run, de-capacity is still the main trend, and the supply level will continue to decrease in the later period. Considering that this year, the national inventory of stainless steel pipes and enterprise inventories have not increased significantly, even a significant drop from the previous inventory highs, which indicates that the output of stainless steel pipes in the first half of this year also includes a large increase, basically They all turned into consumption. The sudden drop in orders since September has caught all manufacturers off guard. The traditional gold, nine, silver and ten sales season did not appear. In general, the pressure on stainless steel pipe manufacturers is still relatively large.

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