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Produce A511 standard high precision mechanical engineering stainless steel pipe

Name: stainless steel tube
Brand: TP304L
Process: cold drawing
Standard: ASTM A511
Specification: 120.65 mm x 100.58 mm x 10 mm x 6096 mm


Agreement requirements:

outer diameter tolerance (0 mm, +1 mm), inner diameter tolerance: (-1mm, 0 mm), straightness: 1.5mm/m


Inspection requirements:

according to ASTM A511 standard test + 100% PMI test + chemical composition test; 6 points of wall thickness measured at each end of the pipe should be uniform (for the same steel pipe, serious non-uniformity of single side and wall thickness should be avoided). The middle pipe of the pipe should be tested with an ultrasonic thickness gauge for 6 points of wall thickness measured in vertical and horizontal direction.


Delivery status:

pickling annealing, stainless steel tube inside and outside surface clean without obvious watermark, tube inside and outside dry, tube mouth flat without burrs.


Quality guarantee:

quality guarantee: the warranty of stainless steel pipe provided by the supplier is the preliminary verification of product qualification. Within the limitation period of inspection (3 months), the seller shall be liable for the return or replacement of the goods and freight if there are any quality problems with the goods themselves; The supplier shall also be liable for the direct loss of payment for goods caused by quality nonconformance, return of goods, inspection expenses, transportation expenses and related losses caused by delayed delivery (for example, if the supplier delays delivery, it shall be liable for the compensation for late delivery according to 0.5% of the contract amount each day, but the maximum amount shall not exceed 10% of the total contract value.If the delay of the supplier exceeds 30 days, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract and recover all prepaid payment and overdue compensation.




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