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Petrochemical Field

As a professional supplier of stainless steel tube, in the Marine oil and gas engineering field, zheheng steel stainless with outstanding performance support customers complete piping system of start-up and offshore oil production of gas transportation engin --- stainless steel pipe in petrochemical industry


Industrial stainless steel pipe & tube users are mainly distributed in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electricity, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, paper making, water desalination, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, food processing, instruments and meters, aviation, aerospace, military industry and other industries, including petroleum, chemical, natural gas and power equipment manufacturing industry is the main application fields of industrial stainless steel  pipe.


Stainless steel tube for oil and chemical industry with the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of residents' consumption level, consumption demand for petroleum and petrochemical products in China is growing fast, at present our country is second only to the United States the world's second largest oil consumer and importer of oil and chemical industry has become a strategic industries of national economy and people's livelihood relations. Apparent consumption of oil in our country from 272 million tons in 2003 to 2012 tonnes in 484 million, the average annual growth of 6.62%, higher than the average annual growth rate of 1.17%. The global consumption due to oil reserves in our country is less, can't meet the demand of domestic oil consumption, the need to import a lot of crude oil from oil rich countries, China's crude imports increased from 2003 tonnes in 180 million to 2012 tonnes in 271 million.

In China petrochemical products consumption under the situation of rapid growth as well as increasing imports of crude oil, petroleum and chemical industry in our country considerably increase of investment in fixed assets, investment increased from 2007, 0.7 trillion yuan in 2012 to 1.76 trillion yuan, the average annual growth of 20.12%. By the end of 2010, our country has built thousands ton refinery 20, megaton ethylene production enterprises 6, 24 megaton large-scale fertilizer production enterprises.During the 11th five-year plan, China petroleum and chemical industry major technical equipment level to further improve the development and innovation, some reached the world advanced level of technical equipment, have mastered ten million tons one million tons of oil refining, ethylene and coal, coal to olefin and other complete sets of engineering technology. The rapid development of petrochemical industry has driven the development of petrochemical pipe industry in China. The increase of domestic refining equipment and ethylene production capacity has increased the demand for petrochemical pipe. Petrochemical equipment is characterized by high safety and reliability requirements, manufacturability/compatibility strong, specifications, and with the special design and manufacturing plan, to make the equipment running in the optimal design condition. High performance pipe can meet the requirements of the above facilities and equipment construction, so it is widely used in furnace pipe, material transportation, heat exchanger pipe and other engineering equipment.

Driven by the acceleration of urbanization and the upgrading of household consumption, the domestic oil and chemical industries will continue to grow steadily. According to the petrochemical and chemical industry five-year development plan, energy resources, such as oil, natural gas, potash products, olefins, light hydrocarbon, p-xylene domestic capacity of lead products, engineering plastics and other chemical new materials and specialty chemicals demand there are still large room for growth. According to the plan, China should rely on imported crude oil at sea to improve the distribution of refining productivity in coastal areas.Relying on the crude oil pipelines of China, myanmar, China, Russia, kazakhstan and along the river, we will improve refining capacity in central and southwest China and develop inland petrochemical industrial concentration areas in the central and western regions, including wuhan, chengdu and kunming. The three petrochemical industrial areas in the Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta and the bohai rim will further increase their concentration, forming 3 to 420 million tons of oil refining and 32 million tons of ethylene production bases.Based on the general application cases for petrochemical industry construction engineering experience, a single petroleum chemical engineering project (500-2000 ton) need to apply the pipe quantity is about 400 to 2000 tons, more than invest in the construction and development of the key projects, combined with the existing operating tube used by refining and chemical industry project has some update cycle, will have a lasting market demand for petrochemical pipe.