Our Advantages
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Our Advantages

1. Since 1995, we have been engaged in the production and development of stainless steel pipes and stainless steel pipe fitting, and have over 20 years of experience.

2. We are the first batch of stainless steel seamless pipe and stainless steel tubes producers in China.

3. We have independent workshop for stainless steel large-caliber steel pipe, stainless steel thin-walled tube, stainless steel thick wall pipe, stainless steel heat exchanger tube and stainless steel pipe fittings .We are one of only a few enterprises in China that can produce, ultra-thin, super thick, ultra-long stainless steel pipes, and the price is lower than other Shanghai and jiangsu prices.


4. We have mature experence according to ASTM,EN, DIN, GOST,JIS standard technical production, and have completely exceeded the standard, more stricter than the standard.

5. We accept non-standard orders, we are not only provide technical production for customers, but we can provide better solutions for customers.

6. Production equipment:
1) 5-24 inch automatic mandrel broaching machine 10 sets, 10 sets of 30-120 type cold rolling machine, computer automatic temperature control and environmental protection type gas annealing 1 units, Therefore We have the ability to deliver the goods in time. We have the ability to provide good quality for our customers.            
2) we have perfect detection equipment, direct reading spectrometer, mechanical property inspection equipment, chemical analysis equipment, ultrasonic testing equipment, eddy current equipment, hydraulic pressure testing equipment.Be able to guarantee qualified products.
3) we have 35 senior technical engineers who can handle all kinds of technical difficulties well.
4) each factory has its own inspection center and warehouse to ensure that the customer can complete the acceptance smoothly.

7. inspection and service:
1) the production manager of our workshop finished the first test of finished products.
2) our warehouse testing center completed the second time inspection.
3) the most important thing is that our salesmen will come to the site to complete the inspection of the goods of their corresponding customers.
4) customer inspection or third-party inspection by client.

8. Packaging and service:
1. We have plastic woven bag packaging, avoid fumigation wooden case packing, steel frame packing.
2. Our professional automobile transport cooperation company can ensure timely customer transportation.
3. Each of our sales staff has skilled professional skills to help customers reduce the need in time
The cost.

9.Each of our sales staff will keep track of their orders in time, as well as on-site supervision.

10.Our factory are already passed  ABS, DNV, GL, BV,  PED 97/23/EC, AD2000-WO, GOST9941-81, CCS, TS, CNNC, ISO9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004  licese