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zheheng stainless's products are also used in Paper making industry, Water treatment industry, Pharmaceuticals industry and so on. ---stainless steel pipe in different industries


Stainless steel tube safety, health, environmental protection, economy applicable, thin wall of the pipe and new methods for reliable, tube sheet and convenient connection of successful development, make its have more other pipe irreplaceable advantages, the application of engineering will be more and more, use will be more and more popular, good prospect. With the development of social economy, stainless steel pipe has been widely used. It will bring about new changes in all fields.


1. Environmental protection industry: industrial waste gas, garbage and sewage treatment devices shall be made of stainless steel pipes.


2. Water industry: stainless steel pipe is the best material for water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration and desalination.


3. Construction industry: China will accelerate the urbanization process and develop projects in the west and state-led housing construction, all of which will boost the demand for stainless steel pipes. Our country started using thin wall stainless steel pipe is in 2000, the industry standard in 2001, and it did not promote the early large-scale use, but in recent years along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, thin-walled stainless steel pipes for its safety, health, environmental protection, economical advantages such as more and more get the attention of people, currently in Beijing, jiangsu, guangdong and other places there has been a professional manufacturer, and is applied to the potable water system, hot water system, heating system. China green sunrise industry in the tenth-five period will have faster development, in 2008, China's environmental protection industry output value reached 200 billion yuan, is expected to "15" period, tianjin 304, China's environmental protection industry average annual growth rate for 15% stainless steel pipe.This will drive the demand for steel, steel enterprises and steel traders to provide a lot of business opportunities.


4. Industrial facilities: the proportion of stainless steel pipes used in industrial facilities in developed countries can generally reach 15%-20%, and the proportion of stainless steel pipes used in China is still small.With the improvement of quality of domestic stainless steel pipe products and the development of special brand products, the application of stainless steel pipe in domestic industrial facilities will increase year by year in the future.


5. Domestic electricity industry: in the domestic electricity industry, the stainless steel pipe & tube with large amount is the inner cylinder of automatic washing machine, the water heater, the inner shell inside and outside microwave oven, the inner lining of refrigerator, and more ferrite stainless steel.In Western Europe, the proportion of household electric stainless steel tubes is large, and in Asia, except Japan, which is close to the European level, it is generally used less.China's microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV and other household appliance industries are the potential market for stainless steel pipe applications. It is estimated that in the next 5-10 years, the consumption of stainless steel tubes in household appliances is expected to increase from 8% to 10%, thus driving the consumption of stainless steel tubes. The demand of stainless steel pipe of home appliance industry in China will reach 100,000-150,000 tons. Electric power industry with a supply stainless steel pipe including the nuclear power industry, power industry, the demand for stainless steel pipe is big, the industry mainly use stainless steel seamless tube, for specific application areas: power station boiler pipe, water pipe, evaporator and heat pipe, etc., such as power station boiler pipe, the pipe, according to the survey, a 600000 mw boiler with all kinds of steel pipe 455 tons, each 600000 kilowatts of nuclear power plants need evaporator "U" shape the pipe 100 tons.In addition, there are a large number of internal components with stainless steel precision pipes, control rods, nuclear fuel package sleeves and so on. At present in the coal-fired boiler of thermal power unit compression of important parts in the superheater and reheater components, large domestic steel mills in taiyuan has developed to fill the domestic production of super (super) criticality of power station boiler seamless steel tube billet blank products, has reached the international advanced level, can replace imported, baosteel, huaxin lihua, huzhou long instant domestic enterprises have also developed a super (super) criticality seamless steel pipe used in power plant boiler, and also laid a solid foundation for the boiler tube of nuclear power industry applications. At present, the evaporator "U" tube of nuclear power plant is mainly imported. Stainless steel long tube in boiler tube also basic imports, such as Ф 16 mm x 2.11-2.11 mm, length is 22 and 24 m's annual demand for 7000 tons, Ф 16 mm x 1.2-1.2 mm, length is 12.5 18.0 m annual demand for 7000 tons.


In many cases, the stainless steel tube has more advantages, especially the wall thickness of only 0.6 ~ 1.2 mm of thin-walled stainless steel tube in high quality drinking water system, hot water system, and will give top priority to safety, health, water supply system, has the safety, health, environmental protection, economy applicable, etc.Engineering at home and abroad has been proved to be the best comprehensive properties of feed water system, one of the new, energy saving and environmental protection of pipes, is also a kind of very competitive water supply pipe material, to improve water quality, improve the level of people's life play a role of incomparable.