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New supplier to Hehai Rubber for stainless steel seamless pipe

Congratulations on our company's products. Join the Hehai Rubber-Stainless Steel Seamless pipe Qualified Supplier Directory.

Entrusted by the owner, “Zheheng Steel Industry” issued the bidding result of the procurement of Hehai Rubber-Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe on December 07, 2018; Project Description: Seamlessly inquiring about Hehai Rubber-Stainless Steel The price list was electronically bidding on the online trading center. Hehai Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. has completed the bid evaluation work on the electronic trading platform of the procurement center. The results of the winning bid are now announced as follows: Item label: CGB-XJ-0035234 target name : Hehai Rubber-Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Inquiry List Winning Unit: Wenzhou Zheheng Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.


Description  Grade size QTY(PCS) WET (KGS)
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 88.9*3.05*6 51 1948
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 88.9*4.0 158 8210
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 88.9*5.49 1 72
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 88.9*7.62 1 94
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 108*3 1 55
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 108*5 34 2741
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 114.3*3.05 295 15411
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 114.3*6.02 252 24752
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 114.3*8.56 94 12640
SMLS PIPES & TUBES TP304L 60.3*5.54 236 10509


Who is “Hehai Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd.”?


It is understood that Hehai Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Luyu Rubber & Plastic Group ("Luyu Group"). The company was established in 2001. The group headquarters is located in Dongying, the core city of the National Yellow River Delta High-Efficiency Ecological Economic Zone. It is a core enterprise that manufactures plastic pipes and rubber and plastic equipment. Its business scope covers manufacturing, logistics, international trade, Internet electronic information and high-tech research and development, engineering and technical consulting and services.

Our company can provide stainless steel seamless pipe products for Hehai Rubber & Plastics not only related to the most reasonable price of our company, but more importantly, our company can consistently adhere to the principle of quality first and always stand by customers. The position provides customers with the highest quality stainless steel seamless pipe products and services.

If you have any questions, please call: 0577-86655372

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