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Electric Power Field

Power supported the development of China's economy. zheheng stainless with many years of manufacturing experience, innovation product technology, for the power in the field of high-end material supply to contribute localization. -- - 347H stainless steel pipe in power enterprises

Electric power industry, including nuclear power industry, the industry mainly use 347 h stainless steel pipe and other high carbon high temperature resistant stainless steel pipe, for specific application areas: power station boiler pipe, water pipe, evaporator and heat pipe, etc, according to the survey of a 600000 mw boiler with all kinds of steel pipe 455 tons, each 600000 kilowatts of nuclear power plants need evaporator "U" shape the pipe 100 tons.In addition, there are a large number of internal components with stainless steel precision pipes, control rods, nuclear fuel package sleeves and so on.

And according to the world nuclear association, China has five power plant is under construction, 6 listed in the plan, 19 is planning, estimated power station construction, maintenance needs all kinds of stainless steel pipe 25600 tons each year.

My company production of stainless steel pipe applicationed in electric power industry is also very comprehensive, involving areas have power station boiler with stainless steel pipe, water pipe and the pipe, etc., our company produces stainless steel tube in addition to the power industry of 321 commonly used material, otherwise represent the material 304 h, 321 h, 316 h, 347 h, 310 h, etc.

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