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China stainless steel pipe manufacturers in the low-end market that you have not seen before

In China, there are thousands of factories manufacturing steel pipes, and there are hundreds of professional manufacturers of stainless steel pipes. However, the quality of production is also very different. Many foreign customers have always believed that the price of stainless steel pipes produced in China has been Low prices and poor quality. In fact, this sentence is not very correct. With the improvement of China’s economic and technological level, we have already transformed China’s manufacturing industry into a smart one, but there are still a large number of manufacturers in order to lower prices. To minimize the cost to win orders, I have compiled and analyzed the quality of some low-end stainless steel pipe products in the market, hoping to let everyone know why the price of steel pipes is so low.

First of all, the surface of the stainless steel pipe is required to be clean, but many goods you see on the spot are like this.

Secondly, the stainless steel tube surface is required to be free of burrs, no pits, and no cracks. The nozzle is flat and the ellipticity of the steel pipe.


Again, in addition to the surface of the steel pipe that we can see with the naked eye, we also use tools to measure the wall thickness of the steel pipe and test the mechanical properties, chemical composition and hardness of the product with advanced mechanical equipment.


These conditions are the most basic conditions for a china stainless steel pipe manufacturer, but there are not many that can be achieved. Zheheng Steel has adhered to the principle of quality as the center and customer first, and we insist on making every steel pipe. Better service to return our customers.



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