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Why Wenzhou Binhai Stainless Steel Pipe Enterprise is better than Lantian?

It is understood that the current Lantai standard factory base in Longwan District and the stainless steel pipe enterprises in Yaoxi area are relatively inferior in business, and the business in Binhai Industrial Park is relatively better. The reasons may be as follows:


1. The Lantian Zone is mainly dominated by stainless steel pipe processing enterprises. Now the market is sluggish and the customer sources are few. The Binhai Industrial Park is mainly for production enterprises. The products are directly oriented to downstream end users and steel traders, and the customer resources are relatively large;


2. At present, the stainless steel pipe industry has become the focus of increasing environmental protection. Many backward production capacity are facing the elimination. In addition, bank financing is tight, and many enterprises are more difficult to finance. Most of the plants in the Binhai Park are more formal, plus some favorable local policies. Corporate finance gains an advantage;


3. some strong enterprises set production and sales through-train service, self-produced and sold, long-term operations can accumulate some stable customers;


4. Some enterprises attach importance to brand promotion, and intensify efforts to promote products to customers in network promotion and other aspects to obtain new customer sources.




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