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Why thick - walled stainless steel pipes have to be surface treated?

Thick wall stainless steel pipe and its mechanical parts after casting, hot rolling, forging, hot working, machining, heat treatment, surface finish, and in the process of storage and transport in the atmosphere, the surface will have all kinds of dirty things, such as on oil, suitable lubricant, surface scale, corrosion products, in the process of using the dust sand in the air, to prevent surface corrosion protective layer of paint, or change the shape of the surface layer of stainless steel surface organization, structure, etc.

The surface defects mentioned above can seriously affect the compactness of the thick wall stainless steel pipe coating and the bonding strength of the matrix, and sometimes even lead to the failure of anti-corrosion treatment of the stainless steel surface.Therefore, the surface of large-caliber thick wall pipe must be adjusted and purified before plating.Do this is because the purpose of: (1) the polluted the surface of the stainless steel surface treatment into a clean, neat or industrial clean surface, used to get the phase is suitable for coating of the surface of the stainless steel material and coating method.To increase its protective layer adhesion and prolong its service life, reduce the stainless steel corrosion damage caused by such factors as, convenient and give full play to the role of the stainless steel protection layer, is this not the key to get good quality of coatings.(2) good handling in the preceding is a prerequisite for a smooth and rapid follow-up.If the front treatment is not good, the following stainless steel surface painting, electroplating and other processes are difficult to carry out, sometimes there is no construction.

Therefore, the surface roughness of stainless steel before coating must reach the required surface roughness.Therefore, surface adjustment and purification of stainless steel are indispensable processes in surface treatment technology, and are an important part of ensuring the quality of thick wall stainless steel pipe protection layer. 




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