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The world's top ten stainless steel companies

Zheheng steel is a company specializing in the production of stainless steel seamless pipes and stainless steel pipe fittings. The company's history can be traced back to 20 years ago. For many years, the company has always insisted that quality is life, and the strategic policy of credibility and development has won unanimous praise at home and abroad. At present, the company uses more than 3,000 tons of stainless steel pipe stock, 800 tons of pipe fittings, and 80% of its products are exported to European and American markets. It is a very promising company in China. The following are the top ten leaders in the world's stainless steel industry. The rankings only represent individual opinions.


The world's top ten stainless steel companies

1. Krupp Thyssen Stainless
Krupp Thyssen Stainless was founded in 1995 by the merger of Krupp AG and Thyssen Stainless Steel Flats. In 1997, Krupp Thyssen Stainless was founded. Subsequently, it purchased a 90% stake in Italy's Terni Special Steel Company (AST) and also held the Mexican stainless steel company (Mexinox). In 1997, it established a joint venture with Shanghai Pudong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. to build Shanghai Krupp Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (SKS) ).

At present, Krupp Thyssen Stainless has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons in AST, Italy. The other four major subsidiaries have an annual capacity of 1.9 million tons of crude steel. The total capacity of cold rolled stainless steel flats is With 1.65 million tons, Krupp Thyssen Stainless has become the world's largest stainless steel producer, with flat products accounting for 37% of the European market and 15% of the world market. Under the impact of the merger and reorganization of global steel companies, Krupp Thyssen Stainless has maintained its current market share in maintaining its position as the world's leader in stainless steel flats, with companies such as the new merger and restructuring, Zinol, Avi Competitors such as Star Polalit and Aserinox competed, and the company adopted a series of strategies, such as expanding production capacity, adopting advanced technology, focusing on product restructuring, and improving customer service. AST, a 90%-owned subsidiary in Italy, is a stainless steel and electrical steel producer with smelting, continuous casting, hot rolling and cold rolling.

The second AOD unit has been put into operation, and a thin slab caster is also available. It has been put into operation, and the fifth set of Sendzimir mills and a new bright annealing line have been put into operation. These have significantly increased the production capacity of AST's Terni plant stainless steel, the annual production capacity of stainless steel hot-rolled strip will increase to 650,000 tons, and the total output in 2003 is expected to reach 1.5 million tons.


2. Arcelor
Yuzinol is France's largest steel conglomerate. Founded in 1948, it is a merger of two companies, Usinor and Sacilor. It optimizes company management and rationally organizes production and utilization. Resources have greatly improved the company's competitiveness. In the 1980s, the company spent billions of dollars on plant and equipment expansion, and established itself as an important flat rolled material supplier for the European automotive industry and the largest stainless steel producer in Europe. After the privatization in 1995, the company began an ambitious plan for international investment and expansion. From 1997 to 1998, the company carried out a series of overseas investments in the stainless steel business. In 1998, the company acquired a controlling stake in Brazil's Acesita, making it a subsidiary of Sinor. In 2000, Acehita Company produced 300,000 tons of stainless steel sheets annually, and 50% of them were exported to North America and Europe. The company plans to invest 180 million U.S. dollars in 2002 to increase its steelmaking capacity from the current 350,000 tons to 500,000 tons, convert the converter to an AOD furnace, and increase the output of electric furnaces to stop carbon steel production. In December 1998, Yuziner acquired a 53.5% stake in J&L (JOBeSandLaughin), the largest stainless steel producer in the United States in the 1980s. Subsequently, the company merged with the Albead Group and the Albead Group's stainless steel professional manufacturer ALZ was joined by Zinol. Subsequently, the company merged with the French company UgineSA to form a new group Arcelor. At present, ALZ's annual output of stainless steel is about 600,000 tons. It is one of the few factories in the world that can produce 2000mm wide stainless steel coils. In 2000, the Albeid Group invested 166 million euros in ALZ, added No. 2 electric furnace, modified refining and continuous casting equipment, and added No. 4 annealing and pickling production line, increasing its annual output to 1 million tons in 2002 and reaching in 2004. 1.2 million tons. In this way, after the completion of the expansion and expansion, Arcelor Group's total stainless steel production will exceed Krupp Thyssen Stainless Steel (KTS), ranking first in the world. In addition, Yujina is the largest foreign investor in Thailand's THAINOX stainless steel company.


3. Avista Pollarit
Avista Pollarit is a world-class multinational stainless steel company newly formed in September 2000 by Avesta-sheffield and Finland's Outokumpu. Now it has a production capacity of about 700,000 tons of stainless steel plates, and its plate products account for 13% of the global market share, with sales exceeding 3 billion euros.

After the formation of the new company, a series of structural adjustments were made to the subordinate production plants distributed in several countries, and the new projects were invested heavily, with a total investment amount of 660 million euros. Among them, a new slab continuous casting machine with an annual output of 800,000 tons (170mmX 800~1 650mm) is installed in the Tornio plant in Finland. The 800°C high temperature slab grinding device is equipped online. After the project was put into operation in June, the steelmaking capacity reached 1 million tons. In addition, the plant also built an integrated hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel production line with an annual processing capacity of 1.1 million tons, which can produce cold-rolled stainless steel or directly produce heat. Rolled stainless bamboo shoots. It is planned to be trial production in 2003. In terms of structural adjustment, it is planned to close the smelting and hot rolling production facilities at the Degefus plant in Sweden in 2003, retaining only cold rolling and plate production, and transferring the size of the plant to the UK. Sheffield Factory. After such adjustments and expansions, Avista Pollarit's stainless steel capacity will increase to 3 million tons. It can produce not only austenitic cold-rolled, hot-rolled strip and sheet, but also stainless steel medium plates, welded pipes, rods and precision strips, and the products are sold all over the world.



4. Acerinox
Aserino Knox is the only full-process stainless steel producer in Spain, with a subsidiary of the Pal-mones plant, which was built in 1971 and became the main producer of stainless steel in Spain. Since the 1990s, Aserinox has accelerated the expansion of the Palmones plant with an annual production capacity of 1.17 million tons. On the other hand, the company has expanded abroad and invested in stainless steel production. In 1996, a joint venture with Armco (50% each) was held in Carrollton, USA, to build a cold-rolled stainless steel strip plant, North American Stainless Steel (NAS), which was put into operation in 1996. It can produce cold-rolled stainless steel strip with a width of 1524mm. Subsequently, a new furnace rolling mill capable of producing hot-rolled stainless steel coils with a width of 1524 mm was built. The production capacity of NAS Company reached 1 million tons. In recent years, Aserinox has acquired a 64% stake in Columbus, South Africa. Through a series of expansions and transformations and foreign countries, Aserino Knox has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons of stainless steel, which is the same size as Avista Pollarit and third in Europe.


5. Pohang Steel Company
South Korea's Pohang Steel Corporation is the world's largest steel producer. In 1998, the annual output of crude steel reached 25.57 million tons, replacing Japan's New Japan Steel Corporation's 30-year global crude steel production.

The company's products were originally based on ordinary carbon steel, but since the 1980s, with the development of the automotive industry, electronics industry and emerging industries, the market demand for steel products has been advanced, multi-variety and small batch. Pohang Steel Company adjusted the product structure in time, and the proportion of high value-added products such as stainless steel coils, coated steel sheets and automobile steel sheets increased year by year. At the same time, the company invested in the construction of new smelting, continuous casting and rolling facilities at its Pohang plant, which is expected to be completed in 2003.

The project includes the introduction of a third electric furnace for stainless steel smelting, a new continuous casting facility, a new pickling annealing line, and a new heat treatment furnace with a processing capacity of 200 t/h. The company said that in order to produce more stainless steel coils, No. 1 hot rolling will be expanded. After the completion of the project, Posco's hot rolling capacity will increase by 450,000 tons, and the production capacity of stainless steel crude steel will increase from the current: 1.13 million tons to 1.66 million tons, which will become the world's second German Krupp. The second largest stainless steel hot rolling mill after Thyssen Stainless.



6. Yulian Steel Company
Yulian Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is the largest stainless steel joint venture in Taiwan Province of China. It was put into operation in 1995 and has been introduced and purchased.
Advanced equipment and processes have been set up to expand production scale and increase production capacity. At present, it has the whole process stainless steel sheet production process of steel making, hot rolling and cold rolling. It has formed a comprehensive capacity of 1 million tons of steelmaking, 990,000 tons of continuous casting, 930,000 tons of hot rolling and 360,000 tons of cold rolling. Following Krupp Thyssen Stainless, Yuzinol, Avista Pollarit, Aserino Knox, and Pohang Steel, the world's sixth largest stainless steel producer. In addition to supplying Taiwan, the stainless steel products of Yulian Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. are also exported to Southeast Asia, China and Europe. The company plans to invest 120 million US dollars to build a stainless steel cold-rolled sheet plant with an annual output of 300,000 tons in the Huangpu Special Zone of Guangzhou.

7. New Japan Steel Corporation
New Japan Steel Corporation has been at the top of the world's steel companies for many years and is the world's largest steel conglomerate. Its crude steel production accounts for about 26% of Japan's national steel production. While increasing production, the company is actively committed to equipment investment and adoption of new technologies, increasing product categories and improving product technology content to enhance competitiveness. Stainless steel, a high value-added product, is also one of the main products of Nippon Steel.

Under the current trend of mergers and restructurings in which the world's stainless steel business community is taking the lead in Europe, Nippon Steel Corporation and Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. are exploring the possibility of efficiency and cost reduction in production, sales, procurement, etc. Representing extensive cooperation on stainless steel, the company established a new company, NN Stainless Steel Planning, in July 1999.

Nippon Steel Corporation has nine production plants, and stainless steel is produced in the Bagua plant (600,000 tons/year) and the light plant (400,000 tons/year). The production process is as follows:
Gossip factory
Light factory



8. AK Steel Company
Located in Ohio, USA, AK Steel is a joint venture between Amco Corporation and Kawasaki Steel Corporation of Japan. Amco is a US steel company that was optimistic about stainless steel production 10 years ago. The company first incorporated carbon steel production into a joint venture and then became an independent company, AK Steel. Amcor's Butler plant in Pennsylvania and the Mansfield plant in Ohio produce stainless steel sheet and electrical steel sheets, and produce finished products at the Koshockton and Zanesville plants in Ohio. After the acquisition of Amcor's smelting and slab continuous casting capabilities, AK Steel's Rockport plant's continuous pickling and annealing/pickling line has a stable source of stainless steel slabs. In particular, in 1998, the plant stopped the production of hot-rolled carbon steel, transferred to the production of high value-added carbon steel and stainless steel strips, and invested $1 billion in finishing facilities to enable the company to be global. Conducting fruitful competition.


9. Aligeni Ludrum
Arrigani Ludrum is the largest special steel company in the United States and the world's most specialized specialty metal company. It uses stainless steel sheet as its main product, as well as other special steels, nickel-based superalloys, titanium and zirconium. The annual production capacity is 900,000 tons, of which stainless steel capacity is 700,000 tons. The company was founded in 1936, the same as most steel companies in the United States. Until the 1970s, Europe and Japan began to turn to the oxygen top-blown converter process, while most of the carbon steel in the United States was also produced in open hearth furnaces. Stainless steel is produced by two slag processes in the furnace. In the late 1970s, the company installed the first AOD furnace and continuous casting machine. The AOD furnace and computer control can determine and control the refining process and final smelting of each furnace. Today, Arrigani Ludrum has become a North American stainless steel company established and owned by AK Steel Company of the United States, J&L Company owned by the French company Zinol, and Aserino Knox Company of Spain. The company's competitors.


10. Nisshin Steel Corporation
Nisshin Steel is one of the top ten stainless steel companies in the world, and its output ranks second among Japanese stainless steel companies. The company was founded in 1928 and formed a joint stock company in 1959. The company's subsidiary Wu Factory, Zhounan Factory, Amagasaki Factory, Jiao Factory, Osaka Factory and Ichikawa Plant have six steel production plants, as well as the Toyo Plant under construction. Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces high value-added steels such as coated sheets, stainless steel sheets and strips, hot rolled and cold rolled plain steel sheets and steel strips. The production capacity of stainless steel crude steel is about 480,000 tons, and various types of cold-rolled coils are 300,000 tons.

The company's stainless steel cold-rolled strip is concentrated in the production of the Zhounan plant. The original 4 sets of Sendzimir mills were completed. In November 1998, the No. 5 Sendzimir mill and the No. 4 bright annealing line were completed and replaced to replace the old equipment. In the case of fierce competition in the world's stainless steel and the trend of product prices, the large-scale transformation of Nisshin Steel in Zhounan Plant marks

Nisshin Steel has moved from its initial pursuit of production to a higher stage with the goal of improving the quality of stainless steel products, expanding varieties and increasing production efficiency. Yuexing stainless steel produced by Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. is a world famous product.

Nisshin Steel's stainless steel products include steel ingots, slabs, hot rolled strips (for cold rolling), hot rolled baled narrow strips and strips (without coating), cold rolled baled narrow strips and strips (without coating). Medium plate, thick plate, hot rolled sheet and coil (without coating), cooled sheet and coil (without coating), straight seam welded pipe, cold drawn steel pipe, etc.




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