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The stage performance of supply and demand will affect TP316L stainless steel pipe market

Judging from the current market situation of TP316L stainless steel pipe, this car in steel market should stop and lower the price to pick you up.But the reality is that cars lurch under constant suspicion, keeping fares low and waiting for people to arrive.But it's probably one of the biggest headaches right now for those of us who want to get on the bus but don't dare.

As mentioned before, the TP316L stainless steel pipe market in 2018 is still very optimistic, but it is also the most difficult to grasp the rhythm of such entanglement and repetition.

First, the supply side on the keypad to "DeTiaoGang" front of the limit production of environmental protection and continuous hot spells, had previously the sort of excess supply concerns, especially some species and area, once affected by external forces, are likely to appear even the tight supply.And TP316L stainless steel pipe overall demand will not be less than 2017, if because of money or other cause short-term weakening demand, so time or space resources mismatch, still have a chance to let TP316L stainless steel pipe market once again find upward momentum.Therefore, from the perspective of supply and demand, the whole is safe, but the stage performance will affect the emotional tendency of the TP316L stainless steel pipe market.

Second, the tightening of monetary liquidity is a very important domestic issue in terms of capital, as can be seen from the difficulties in real financing and the public statements made at the top.But it is important to note that, on the one hand, the outbreak of sino-us trade war has disrupted the pace of monetary tightening.On the other hand, a large number of surplus social capital before to find a relatively safe delivery channels, will always exist ballast idle state, this also from another Angle shows that social capital allocation does not achieve rationalization of distribution.In addition, the import and export situation has changed considerably this year. If we continue to tighten the currency, it will also affect China's voice and status in the world economy.Therefore, from the impact of capital on the commodity market, it is difficult to decide whether to get on the bus or not.

Finally, from the perspective of a TP316L stainless steel pipe industry structure adjustment, the current most of the profits dividend on the basis of manufacturing side, down the technology is still in the struggling to support manufacture or consumer end, but if you break the current pattern of profits dividend of redistribution, is bound to affect the residents' consumption field, that, for the current expected to tighten monetary consequences may make more people can't accept it.Therefore, from this point of view, how to effectively avoid the risks brought by industrial adjustment to the social economy may be one of the main lines of policy adjustment in the future.




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