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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers will face challenges 2018

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers will face challenges. 2018 is a year in which China faces relatively big challenges. The biggest reason is the impact of Sino-US trade war. It is also the cruelty of our cognitive economic competition. The stainless steel pipe manufacturers are also facing huge challenges this year. The production orders of various manufacturers in the first half of the year should not be overwhelmed. It can be said that the traditional gold, nine silver and ten sales seasons are used.

In the beginning of the year, the stainless steel pipe began to plummet, and all the way down until the price was more than 16,000 RMB one ton. Compared with previous years, if the order of stainless steel pipe has dropped sharply since August, it can be said that it is already cold in winter and there is no way to suffer in this way. In the time, in fact, the manufacturers of stainless steel pipes are also suffering from a lot of famous stainless steel pipe manufacturers. Of course, our stainless steel pipe manufacturers are not good things, and the business is getting weaker and less desirable. Many manufacturers are complaining about bitterness, and now they are talking about small profits but quick turnover. Under the conditions of quality assurance, the quality does not guarantee that your factory will not do too long, your business will not be too long, and your team will be disbanded soon.

Although the data on infrastructure investment in August is not ideal, from other public data, the action of infrastructure supplements is accelerating. Many places have announced plans to supplement major board projects in the second half of the year, and the investment scale in the transportation sector may reach trillions. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held at the end of July proposed to increase the strength of the infrastructure sector. In the current domestic and international economic environment, the infrastructure is expected to be an important counter-cyclical policy tool. The “short board” areas of infrastructure such as the central and western regions and rural areas have become the focus. It is expected to benefit from the policy development, the effect of steady growth and stable investment will gradually appear later, and the growth rate of infrastructure investment is approaching the bottom and is expected to stabilize. Real estate investment that has performed well this year is still at a high level and is generally stable. Multiple indicators show that real estate investment growth has strong support. Recent documents and policies on SME financing support have been introduced. The monetary policy in the second half of the year emphasizes the expansion of credit. This will also ease the difficulty of financing for SMEs. It is expected that the strength of manufacturing investment will remain strong.


At present, orders for a large number of stainless steel pipe manufacturers have plummeted, and China's economy is undergoing a critical period of transformation. Metal production is also undergoing transformation, and the prospects are slim. The way out for stainless steel pipe manufacturers is to enter consumption; the rest enters inventory, which is reflected in the corresponding increase in social inventory and stainless steel pipe enterprise inventory. From the frequency of the recent environmental protection policies and the pollution control measures adopted in some areas, the environmental protection efforts are constantly increasing. The stainless steel pipe market pays more attention to the autumn and winter production restrictions, and the supply level is the high profit drive and environmental protection limit. The introduction of the financing policy for SMEs in the game, I do not know whether it can benefit stainless steel pipe manufacturers. Since September this year, manufacturers have also increased their efforts to increase marketing methods, I do not know whether it can make the current situation better.

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