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Stainless steel heat exchangers tubes are being used in more environments

Stainless steel since the invention of the 20th century, It is today the only increasing the capacity and the demand (6% average annual growth rate) of metal materials, stainless steel output of 1 million tons of the world in the 1 million s, the rapid development for more than 2000 2000 tons in 2002.The price of stainless steel has fallen from several thousand dollars per ton to more than one thousand dollars by the end of last century due to the renewal of technology and the reduction of cost.The decrease of cost and the outstanding performance of products make stainless steel pipe stand out in all the pipe material development.Stainless steel naturally has incomparable advantage over many other pipes, and has been confirmed by many years of practical experience at home and abroad is the lowest life cycle cost, comprehensive performance and best with great development potential of the 21st century green steel tubes.

2.1 excellent corrosion resistance

Solid and surface of  stainless steel heat exchange tube thin oxide film in stainless steel, including water, all water quality in the excellent corrosion resistance, even if buried use also have excellent corrosion resistance, but also good erosion resistance.The benefits include:

They can use thin-walled pipe (no need to leave corrosion allowance, the wall thickness is 1/3 of galvanized pipe) to reduce weight and save material and material
Energy consumption, which can reduce transportation and installation costs (especially for high-rise buildings);

It can be used in all kinds of water quality, except disinfection and sterilization, without the need for water quality control;

No corrosion or bad exudate, no leaf or turbidity problem.Keep the water clean and hygienic, prevent the pipeline from secondary pollution and "red"
The problem of "water" and "green water" is completely guaranteed.

It can withstand up to 30 m/s of high speed water flow, erosion, eddy current, water hammer will not cause any impact.Even in high water

The stainless steel conduit of the first power station has a flow rate of up to 60 meters per second at the end of the pipe.

generally does not require coating protection.

2.2 excellent mechanical and physical properties

The strength of stainless steel heat exchanger tube is very high (2 times of galvanized tube, 3 ~ 4 times of copper tube, 8 ~ 10 times of PPR tube), and it has good ductility and toughness, and it remains brittle at low temperature.Strong absorption capacity for impact (the energy absorbed by austenitic stainless steel during deformation is 2.5 times higher than that of carbon steel), strong anti-seismic and anti-impact performance;Excellent wear and fatigue resistance;Good high temperature strength, good fire resistance and thermal radiation resistance;The heat conductivity of stainless steel is low (1/25 of copper tube, 1/4 of steel tube), thermal expansion and cold shrinkage are slow.So stainless steel pipes:

It is very safe and reliable. The stainless steel pipe can withstand the shock of vibration, water hammer and heat expansion and shrinkage well.

It easy processing, easy cutting, forming and welding of stainless steel pipes;

good thermal insulation performance, especially suitable for hot water transport;

2.3 excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of stainless steel give stainless steel pipes the following advantages:

It has a long service life (but in the case of periodic vibration), and field corrosion test data show that stainless steel water pipes enable

Life span up to 100 years;

life cycle cost is low, stainless steel pipes almost do not need maintenance, so as to avoid the cost and trouble of pipeline replacement and operation fee
Use low, economy is very significant;

can significantly reduce the water leakage rate and effectively protect and utilize water resources.

2.4 the surface of stainless steel is smooth and the friction resistance is small. At low flow rate, the water resistance is only 2/5 of that of carbon steel pipe.So stainless steel pipes:

clean and hygienic, not easy to be contaminated by bacteria, no accumulation of scale.Very easy to clean, less cleaning costs;

energy saving, no bottleneck resistance phenomenon, low energy consumption of pump, large area use of stainless steel pipe network water supply, can save half of the pump

Station power consumption.Stainless steel pipe has more water flow than other metal pipe.

2.5 stainless steel can be 100% recycled, so stainless steel pipes:

It will not cause environmental pollution and be green and conducive to sustainable development.

Stainless steel scrap also has great economic value.

2.6 the appearance of stainless steel is beautiful, clean and fashionable, giving users full confidence, and the stainless steel water pipe helps to improve the urban construction level.

2.7 stainless steel material is safe, non-toxic, has no influence on water quality and is harmless to human health.

2.8 the product is easy to buy and has various forms to choose from.

2.9 the pipeline construction and installation is simple and reliable, with multiple connection methods and pipe fittings, which are freely available for customers to choose, reliable connection and no leakage.Pipe fittings can be made of either stainless steel or copper base alloy.Installation equipment competitiveness.

2.10 using range is wide, can be used in municipal water supply network, pipeline direct drinking water, hot water and high-grade buildings water supply, heat supply pipe with hot water, steam pipe, and cold region of outdoor pipelines, urban fire water supply, pump room and so on various occasions.Beautiful appearance can be installed openly already, also can dark apply, still can bury ground to use.


It can be seen that stainless steel pipe is the first reliable functional and structural material in modern times, the longevity material with low life cycle cost, the green material with health and hygiene, and the environmental protection material with sustainable development.In developed countries, the application of stainless steel water pipes has become more and more popular because of the cost of human health first and life cycle.Into the 21st century in China especially after the accession to the WTO, but also need improve the grade of products, to change the plastic pipe, pipe is far from being fully meet the needs of the water service and meet the state of the current situation of the drinking water quality requirements, maximize the realization of the goal of improving people's life quality.Therefore, it is necessary to promote the use of stainless steel pipes one of the green pipes. 





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