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Special requirements for stainless steel heat exchangers tubes

Zheheng steel specializes in manufacturing stainless steel industrial tubes, stainless steel heat exchangers tubes, stainless steel boiler tubes, etc.The stainless steel tube of boiler heat exchanger tubes is introduced to you today.

Materials: 304 (06cr1890ni9), TP316L (00cr17ni12cumo2), 321 (1cr18ni9ti), 310S (00cr25ni20), 317L (00cr19ni13mo3), 347 (0Cr18Ni11Nb), S2205 (00cr22ni5mo25n), and 52500725n).

Standard: astm-a213, gb13296-2013


Specifications: 18*1.2, 18* 2,19 *1.2, 19* 2,20 * 2,25 * 2,25 *2.5, 32*3,38*2.5, etc


Special requirements for stainless steel heat exchangers tubes:

1. The inner and outer surfaces of the steel tube shall be smooth and clean, without any harmful defects, no greasy marks, pits, or indentations, and no burrs at the end of the pipe.

2. Conduct pipe expanding and flattening test according to GB/T242 and GB/T246.

3. The geometrical dimensions of the steel pipe are checked by roots (through the use of the general rule) and meet the following requirements:

4. The outside diameter deviation: devo25.00 + 0.2mm

The allowable deviation of pipe wall thickness is + 0.05mm

5. Hydraulic test is conducted on the steel tube root by root. The pressure is no more than 1.0mpa, and the stable pressure time is no less than 5S.The stainless steel pipe must be tested with 100% water pressure to prevent leakage.

6. The stainless steel pipe must undergo eddy current inspection or ultrasonic inspection to ensure the product quality.



1. The stainless steel heat exchange tube is usually fixed length. Our factory has a large number of non-fixed length pipes, which can be cut according to the length you need to ensure the construction period.

2. Part of heat exchanger pipe is U type pipe, our factory can provide U type pipe products for you.

3. The length of some heat exchangers is very high. Our factory can provide stainless steel heat exchangers of up to 30 meters long.


Surface roughness: no requirement

Main applications: heat exchanger, compensator, boiler and other chemical equipment.

Tolerance: the tolerance of outer diameter is less than or equal to 0.2mm, 12.5% of wall thickness is less than or equal to 20%mm of wall thickness.

Straightness: according to A213

Delivery status: solid solution pickling

Packing: in wooden cases, or in woven bags.

Transportation: the factory designated by the shipper.



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