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Our company successfully delivered the stainless steel pipe for the nuclear

Through the joint efforts of the company's colleagues, the company has recently successfully supplied ultra-long-large-diameter stainless steel pipes to the nuclear power plant control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) equipment factory under the China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, which is qualified after various inspections in the user's factory. Standards and technical requirements for contractual agreements between the parties.


The parameters of the stainless steel pipe are as follows:

Specification: 426mm × 16mm × 11500mm

Agreement requirements: steel pipe straightness 1mm / m, ellipticity ± 1mm, thickness tolerance ± 8%, the whole process wall measurement, can not appear any pitting, pits, cracks, interlayer phenomenon, steel pipe inner wall surface roughness 0.3Ra / μm.


The control rod drive mechanism (hereinafter referred to as CRDM) coil is an important component of the AP1000 nuclear power reactor type integrated top cover assembly (hereinafter referred to as IHP). As an electromechanical drive mechanism, the drive control rod is positioned in the vertical direction of the pressure reactor vessel. The CRDM is used to change or maintain the position of the control rod. The functions realized are: starting or stopping the nuclear reactor; correcting and maintaining the power of the nuclear reaction during the operation of the nuclear power plant; and quickly shutting down the nuclear reactor when a nuclear reaction accident occurs.




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