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Influence of alloy elements and C on thick - walled stainless steel pipes

Thick wall stainless steel pipe is one of a wide range of special steel series, it has to do with the stainless steel material is the same, we use is the premise of iron and carbon with iron - carbon alloy, due to corrosion of the special requirements in all aspects and its physical properties and process performance requirements, make it a little more than the commonly used steel alloy elements.Formal because the alloy elements join, just lead to changes in the internal organization of steel, we can watch out on the performance of the thick wall stainless steel tube, the change there is some connection, but also follow certain objective laws.Therefore, we in the discussion of stainless steel and performance of the organization, it is necessary to know about the carbon and alloy elements on the properties of stainless steel and the general law of the organization, then applying these basic rule to discuss some of the typical performance and organization of stainless steel, and through the specific steel grade for these elements after class discussion, can enhance our understanding of these most basic rule.

There are more than 100 chemical elements known so far.There are about 20 kinds of chemical elements that can be encountered in stainless steel materials commonly used in industry.Make long-term struggle for people and corrosion phenomena formed by the practice of the special steel stainless steel series, ten several of the most commonly used element, in addition to the basic elements other than iron thick wall stainless steel pipe, with the largest elements affect on the performance of the stainless steel is: c, Cr, Ni, Mn, si, molybdenum and so on.In addition to C, silicon and nitrogen, these elements are all transitional elements in the periodic table of chemical elements.

Therefore, we should regard the influence of C and alloy elements on the properties and microstructure of thick-walled stainless steel pipes as a very large problem worthy of your study and discussion.Stainless steel thick wall pipe, large diameter thick wall pipe.




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