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Google Statistics for Keyword Stainless Steel Pipe China in December 2018

With more than 20 years experience in stainless steel field, WENZHOU ZHEHENG STEEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is one incorporate of manufacturer, trader, consultant, storage company specialized in the area of stainless steel tubing, pipe fittings, valves and other stainless steel grade accessories. We are considered the most professional and advanced manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pipe China. We have mature experience according to ASTM, EN, DIN, GOST, JIS standard technical production, and have completely exceeded the standard, actually stricter than the standard. Our factory has already passed  ABS, DNV, GL, BV,  PED 97/23/EC, AD2000-WO, GOST9941-81, CCS, TS, CNNC, ISO9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 license. We are keeping our eyes on every aspect of the Stainless Steel Pipe China, and we have been doing search on its Google SEO statistics and its related Keywords. Today we would like to share these SEO statistics with you. Please see the form as following.




SEO Difficulty

Global Searches

Broad CTR

stainless steel pipe fittings





stainless pipe fittings





metric stainless tubing





stainless hose barb fittings





stainless pipes and fittings






From the above statistics, we can know that most of the keywords of Stainless Steel Pipe China are not easy to do the SEO.


  1. Most of the Keywords’ Cost/Mo is less than 8$, only one is higher, which is from “stainless steel pipe fittings”-190$.
  2. Most of the Keywords’ Difficulty is around 40 to 50.
  3. Most of the Keywords’ Global Searches are less than 400, only one is higher, which is from “stainless steel pipe fittings”-1.9K.
  4. Most of the Keywords’ Broad CTR is around 5%.


Among the 5 related keywords of Stainless Steel Pipe China, “stainless pipes and fittings” had the second highest Keywords’ Cost/Mo, the second highest Keywords’ Difficulty, the third highest Keywords’ Global Searches and the second highest Keywords’ Broad CTR. So I think this keyword is the best keyword to do the Search Engine Optimization.


Above all is some SEO statistics about keyword Stainless Steel Pipe China and its 5 related keywords, hope these statistics will be useful for you when you are doing the marketing promotion. If you want to know more information about Stainless Steel Pipe China, you can visit



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