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China best quality stainless steel material manufacturers

Emerging cast pipe: Emerging cast pipe is the world's largest cast pipe producer, with cast pipes, long products and special steel. The company has a capacity of 100,000 tons of special steel; 115,000 tons of ordinary stainless steel pipes and 50,000 tons of high-end stainless steel pipes (including bimetallic composite pipes); III. Radial forging in high-end castings and forgings of 10,000 tons has been put into production , 10,000 tons of precision forging will be put into production in 2012, a 50,000 tons of large castings and forgings will be put into operation in 2013, the company will also benefit from the development of the special steel industry.


Xining Special Steel: Xining Special Steel is the absolute holding company of Xigang Group. It is the largest special steel enterprise in the western region. It has a capacity of 500,000 tons of steel and 30,000 tons of material. As the backbone of the special steel industry, With good investment value, it has a complete production line and many star special steel products, backed by rich mineral resources.


Daye Special Steel: Daye Special Steel is a large-scale iron and steel enterprise. It is the production base of bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, tool and die and high-precision medium-thickness seamless steel pipe in China. It is ranked as the largest industrial enterprise in China. the 500 strongest. The leading products are gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel, high temperature alloy steel, high speed tool steel and other special-purpose steel products. The products sell well at home and abroad and are exported to nearly 30 countries and regions in five continents.

Fushun Special Steel: Fushun Special Steel relies on the Group's capital, technology, channels and procurement to develop high-end, high-quality high-temperature alloy steel and stainless steel, which has made significant contributions to national defense. It is a large-scale special steel key enterprise and military materials research and development. The production base, known as China's special steel cradle, has smelted the first furnace stainless steel, the first furnace ultra-high strength steel, the first furnace high-speed steel, the first furnace high-temperature alloy for China, and is the first artificial earth in China. The satellite, the first missile, the first submarine and a number of national key national defense projects have provided a large number of key special steel new materials. It is the main unit of China's military special steel materials, and its leading position in the industry is outstanding.


Zhongyuan Special Steel: Zhongyuan Special Steel is a military industrial enterprise. Unlike other steel enterprises in Henan, the company has been taking a differentiated route to produce industrial special equipment, and research and development, production and sales of large special steel precision forgings. Smelting, forging, heat treatment to large-scale forging production enterprises with complete processing lines. The former Zhongyuan Special Steel Plant, which was originally a military enterprise under the Ministry of Weapons Industry, set up Zhongyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. after several changes, and issued 9 million shares of paint on the first public market in Luyue in 2010. As an old military enterprise, the company has accumulated a large advantage in talent reserve, manufacturing equipment and technical processes.


The production of Baosteel Group mainly includes alloy tubes, boiler tubes, line tubes, ship tubes, stainless steel tubes and other calibers ranging from 30mm to 219mm;

Chengdu Steel Pipe Plant mainly produces structural steel pipe with a diameter of 377mm and a wall thickness of 20mm;

Baotou Steel Group mainly produces structural pipes, fluid pipes, large diameter steel pipes 245-377, wall thickness 7mm-30mm,;

Metallurgical Group mainly produces structural tubes 80mm-299, wall 2mm-70mm;

Tianjin Large Seamless Steel Tube Plant produces large diameter steel pipes;

Hengyang Steel Pipe Plant mainly produces alloy pipes, ship pipes and boiler pipes;

Angang Group mainly produces high pressure gas cylinder tubes, low alloy seam tubes, etc.


Zheheng steel is a young enterprise with more than 20 years of professional production of stainless steel seamless pipes. After years of development, the company has already had mature experience and technology. The products are sold at home and abroad, with stocks of more than 3,000 tons. Since then, the company has been engaged in the production and research and development of a single stainless steel pipe product, and has achieved good results in the industry. The annual export volume exceeds 10,000 tons.




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